Small Group Cultural Travel & Ecotourism in Canada, Costa Rica, Central & South America
Small Group Cultural Travel & Ecotourism in Costa Rica, Canada & across the Americas
Tel. Canada & United States:  1-866-679-7070    ::    Tel.: Costa Rica :  (+506) 4000-1935
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Based in Canada
& Costa Rica
Inbound travel agency
& Tour operator
Across the Americas
Since 1996

Who we are  (about us)
Cultural Ecotourism Tour Operator in Latin America and Canada, since 1996.

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Story and orientation of the company
Founded in 1996 the company started out in the fabulous territories of Mesoamerica and Costa Rica. Central America was at that time already well known to the managers who had explored, studied and lived in its various countries during preparatory trips. The initial objective of the founders was, and remains to date, the promotion and development of a more ethical and eco type of tourism focused on the discovery and recognition of the natural environments and cultures of the continent : a true - natural - encounter with the Americas.

A keen desire to position on solid basis an international organization able to meet this mandate throughout the entire Latin American territories motivated the founders so, that soon, after a few years of modest activities, their work brought several of the best naturalist guides and specialist guides in Latin American cultures to join their polyglot multidisciplinary team. The reputation of the small company developed as its operations brought it to the four corners of the continent.

Henceforth, in parallel of its ecotours but within their frame and in accordance with its initial mission,
a broader creative process further directs the agency towards the development of documentary tours, pushing a step further the impact of the company on the industry. The ultimate goal of these specialized tours is the promotion and development of a more ethical tourism. These unique projects aim at increasing the recognition of the cultures and natural environment of the Americas as well as the visibility of ecotourism on the markets or, more simply put, the ultimate objective is the promotion of true ecotourism as a new means of travelling.
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Our mission, practices and profile
We are a tour operator offering travelers a complete service of planning and operation of tours throughout the American continent. We take in hand the logistical aspects of any travel project in North, Central or South America - we have been doing this since 1996. Our team consists of professional polyglot guides and project managers (who themselves are experienced tour guides). We developed and operated, over the past years, student training courses abroad, international TV projects, research expeditions and scientific studies, numerous ecotourism and adventure tours as well as a broad range of divers thematic group travel projects in North, Central and South America.

Our regular tours and most of our tailor made tours, in accordance with our mission, aim at contributing to the knowledge of the travelers towards the local environment and cultures while generating resources and creating incentives for the preservation of these local cultures and natural richness.
We promote and practice Ethical Ecotourism.

Our team of polyglot and multidisciplinary tour guides (Canadians, Germans, French, Costa Ricans, Ecuadorians and Peruvians) works today in association with travel agencies, student organizations, a TV crew, independent groups of travellers and scientific study groups coming from many different countries around the world to explore, study and discover our great continent. We're happy to offer our services in English, French, German and Spanish.

"Our philosophy is that 
of the Ecologist, our assiduity the Archeologist's and our passion is that of the Explorer & Traveller"

We offer a high quality service at outstanding prices because we do most of the work ourselves. It's our project manager who develops your travel project, it's our guide who leads your tour and it's on board our own vehicle or on board our close partners' vehicle you are traveling throughout the journey. We also offer a flight ticket booking and reservation service at very competitive prices. This is possible through our partnership with IATA corporate travel agencies enabling our clients to benefit from reduced rates on most international flights.

Our main principals are:
  1. The security of our travellers stands before all.
  2. The services provided must be in accordance with the program agreed upon with the traveller.
  3. Our guides must provide the highest quality of service to their group (helpful, punctual, informative).
  4. Travellers must be able to reach a project / tour manager from our office - at all times & no cost - whenever needed.
  5. Promotion of highly respectful tourism towards the local environment and the communities (minimal impact tourism).
  6. Money from tourism must, as much as possible, remain in the local communities and economy.
  7. Collecting and sharing critical and accurate information promoting the preservation of the environment and the protection and support of the local communities (documentaries).
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Who we are...
Ecotourism agency & tour operator founded in 1996, based in Costa Rica & Canada (and represented in Europe), proposing small group guided tours and private trips focused on the observation & study of the natural environments and the discovery of the local cultures. [+ read on
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We operate cultural ecotourism small group tours
In Costa Rica, Canada & across Latin America
Serving international travellers since 1996

Tel. Canada  /  Unites States (toll free) :
(+1) 866-679-7070  
Tel. Costa Rica (local call in all regions) : (+506) 4000-1935
Tel. France (local call in all regions) : (+33) 09 75 17 11 30

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