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Small Group Cultural Travel & Ecotourism in Costa Rica, Canada & across the Americas
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Cultural Ecotours in South America
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Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil are countries that we enjoy particularly. We know the regions, their people and their environment and we love to share our knowledge of them with the adventurious and open minded travelers of the world; let us guide you through these facinating regions of our planet...

You will find in this page the concise presentations of our cultural adventures and ecotours
in South America. Just click on a title or a map to learn more...
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Ecuador tour map
Smallest country in the rugged Andean highlands, Ecuador is among the most rewarding travel destinations in South America. With its array of vibrant indigenous cultures, well preserved colonial architecture, dramatic volcanic landscapes and dense rainforest, it packs its perimeters with more points of interest than many other larger countries. Arriving in Quito, among the prettiest colonial cities in Latin America, your are no more than a day's drive from the Amazonian jungle, towering active volcanoes and a sociable haggle with indigenous artisans in the best Indian market of the subcontinent. The Otavalo market, dating back to pre-Inca times is a vivid and festive affair with the Otaveleños who host it in their traditional dress. You find it all in a nation just a bit larger than U.K. This active and adventurous tour will take you from the capital - declared a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 1978 - filled with colonial treasures, to the Inca site of Ingapirca through the Avenida de los Volcanes and the Amazon Basin comprising huge areas of rainforest. A paradise for the visitors interested in natural history, ecology, tropical habitats, indigenous tribes, birdwatching and jungle treks. An all-in-one cultural eco-tour for active travelers from 12 to 72 years old!

The Galapagos tour mapExtraordinary land where fauna and flora reign supreme, the Galapagos form a mid-ocean archipelago dating back to only three million years and yet formed of prehistoric-like islands and coasts. Located in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of South America, the islands are inhabited by an amazing fauna which inspired Charles Darwin his theory of the evolution: giant tortoises, marine and terrestrial iguanas, blue-footed boobies, frigates, albatross, facetious sea lions, fur seals and strange finches are among the species you will have the pleasure to observe here. And there's this sea cooled by the Humboldt current and this sky filled with thousands of stars at night perfectly set between the two hemispheres... Hikes, dives, snorkelling, relaxation, photography and observation, some museums, friendly new faces; combining comfort and discovery, an adventourous cruise for nature lovers!
Apart from the seven days guided eco-cruise across the Archipelago - tourist class or luxury class - this tour offers a guided exploration of Quito: an historical and lively fresco!

Peru, Eucador and Bolivia tour map
A colourful adventure through an original route exploring a territory filled with cultural and historical treasures. Traversed by the longest and among the highest mountain chains on the planet, set between the immense Pacific Ocean and the deep Amazon Basin, Peru and Ecuador are fascinating countries forged by an intense pre-colonial and colonial history that left impressive remains we explore with great interest. This vast territory conceals infinite possibilities of adventures and discoveries and is home to a cordial and picturesque people who, with one glance, one look, one smile, can already say so much! From the Bolivian capital, La Paz, perched high in the Andes, to the lowland rain forests of Ecuador, through the major archaeological sites of Peru, experience a true encounter with the land and the people in the footsteps of the Inca.
Bolivia: La Paz > Tihuanaco archaeological site > Peru: The Island of Taquila and Puno > Sillustani archaeological site > Cuzco > Machu Picchu archaeological site > Lima > Ecuador: Cuenca > Ingapirca archaeological site > Banos > Latacunga > Canyon of Toachi > Rio Toachi/Chugchilan > Otavalo > Quito.

Peru, Eucador and Bolivia tour map
A great adventure across an immense and magnificent territory at the end of the world! From Buenos Aires, a masterly urban fresco, to the mountains and fjords of the legendary Land of Fire, discover the glaciers of the Andean Cordillera, the Argentinean steppes and the high mountains of Chile, home to a welcoming people and a beautiful, often endemic, fauna we actually hear and see! Explore Buenos Aires with an historian guide, gaze at the breaking-off of the giant Argentinean glaciers, live on a ranch with the "gauchos", explore, hiking or horseback riding, high Andean Mountains, discover Tierra del Fuego, at the very tip of South America, and watch a dynamic fauna: the Guanaco (cousin of the lama), the sea lions and sea elephants, the right whale, the seal, the penguin, the condor and more than 300 birds.
History of Buenos Aires > Ranch in the Calafate region > NP Los Glaciares (The Glaciers) > NP Torres Del Paine in Chile > Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) > Options: 1- sailboat cruise and hiking 2- mountain trekking 3-Ecotourism in the Valdes Peninsula > Return to Buenos Aires.

Amazon Explorer (Brazil) - TAM 30 days or AMA 14 days
Peru, Eucador and Bolivia tour mapThe Amazon Basin supports the largest tropical forest in the world. It covers more than 40% of the surface of Brazil and shelters more than 15 000 animal species among which thousands have not yet been classified; dozens of new plants are here discovered every year! Largest hydrographical basin on the planet, the Amazon Basin produces one fifth of the oxygen and contains one fifth of the sweet waters of the Earth. Rightfully named "the lungs of our planet", this basin shelters 10% of the Earth"s biodiversity. Truly a marvel to observe and study, it has to be protected! Jaguars, caimans, dolphins, monkeys and numerous other species, animals and plants alike, are already endangered by deforestation that keeps happening at a quick pace: in less than twenty years it"s more than 400 000 square km that have been cleared or flooded: the surface of Paraguay!

The basin is also the land of the humans that inhabit it: from the indigenous people that have lived here for thousands of years, to the descendants of the colons and slaves that have developed such a unique and complex culture. It"s a great fresco that we wish to study and reveal in the Amazon Explorer Tour, accompanied by travelers touched by its importance, fascinated by its natural and human history and concerned by its actual state and future. An adventure born from a dream, one of those who change your life forever! Places on this tour are very limited.

South America Tailor Made Tour
You are a group or a family who wishes to travel together in South America? You can customize your tour using this form. With your criteria we will design and plan a travel project that will meet your interests!

A minimum of 4 participants is required for us to study and develop a tailor made tour. If you are less than 4 travelers we propose you to consult our regular tours. A new departure date may be added to suit your needs.

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We operate cultural ecotourism small group tours
In Costa Rica, Canada & across Latin America
Serving international travellers since 1996

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