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  If you have the qualifications requiered, please send us your resume and motivation letter.

The great American continent remains unexplored for much of its territory; many adventures have still to be thought of and planned.

Our travel groups are small, formed by people who are eager to live intense travel experiences and learn more each day. To be able to fulfill the wishes of our travelers, we need very qualified and able people to join us.

We are looking for experienced and adventurous professional tour guides with a very polyvalent and humble personality, a strong sense of responsibility, a sharp spirit of initiative and a great sense of humour.

The candidates we select speak French or German + English AND Spanish, they have gathered experiences while traveling through the Americas (and elsewhere) and have been working as tour guides or have acquired a lot of experience in a closely related field.

Our guides are courageous yet very serious and deeply concerned with the safety of the travelers they are in charge of. They are attentive to the needs of the group members and possess a great knowledge of the people, cultures and history of Latin America.

All our guides posses up-to-date advanced first-aid certification (including reanimation) and can (are aloud to) drive a minibus (up to 22 passengers). Having special skills, knowledge or qualifications in scuba diving, mountain climbing, natural interpretation, white water sports... is certainly a major plus!

Amerika Venture is growing and wishes to grow with you...

To apply for employment, please send a complete resume and picture to
Please include a motivation letter IN THE BODY of your email message.

We cannot answer all the applications we receive, thanks for your understanding.

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