We offer tours in Costa Rica, Mesoamerica, South America and Canada.


Type: SymbolEcotourism

Hiking is our preferred mode of transportation to explore the reserves, sanctuaries and parks in which we observe and study the environment, fauna and flora. Specialized guides accompany us in certain regions for a more complete immersion and understanding of the environment. This type of journey, instructive and entertaining, brings us to stay in all types of lodging facilities: from the comfortable hotel in the city to the rustic refuge in the forest.
   Tours of discovery and exploration offering the different aspects of all types of journeys in the same program: geographic exploration, encounter with the cultures, visits of archeological and historical sites, exploration of wildlife reserves, sportive activities... Everything is gathered under the same theme: Adventure! The type of lodging varies largely according to the countries and the regions visited but the places where we stay are always minutely selected for their warm hospitality, their comfort and their unquestionable hygiene.
  Exploration of historical and archaeological sites is the main activity during this type of journey. The visits of sites and cities are mostly lead by specialized guides or specialists in the field (archaeologists, historians, architects...) to dive more deeply in the subject and, as much as possible, expose all of its aspects allowing for the good questions to bring the good answers. Without falling into luxury and prestige, the comfort of our lodgings, in this type of journey, is ' beyond reproach'. We stay mostly in inns or hotels settled in former colonial houses or stylish buildings and we are offered an excellent and personalized service.
  This type of particular journey addresses to the experienced hikers or anyone in good physical shape wishing to discover and explore a region on trails and paths through forests and mountains. This type of journey is studied and set up to answer the requirements of the most demanding walker. It's important to verify the difficulty level of the journey before embarking! A part of Ecotourism and/or cultural exploration can be integrated into this type of dynamic journey. The type of lodging used varies according to the route: from the city hotel to the forest or mountain shelter or the tent under stars. But, everything is provided for your comfort to be maximized!

Level: SymbolSymbol SymbolSymbol  
Easy: No physical participation is asked from the traveler, there are no portage, the schedule contains periods of spare time.
Moderate: A moderate physical participation is required, portage of the necessities of the day (in certain cases), the schedule is well filled but can contain periods of spare time.
Moderate to difficult: A steady (but not strenuous) physical participation is required, you sometimes have to carry the necessities of the day while hiking in the reserves. We recommend people to walk at least one hour a day for one week before the departure.
Difficult: An important physical participation is required, portages are expected (two days of autonomy), hikes on hilly and difficult ground, the rustic character of certain lodgings (shelters, refuges, tents) can add to the difficulty. It is recommended to get prepared by walking one or several hours a day at least two weeks before the departure.

Group: 5 to 12
You travel in a group of 5 to 12 travelers
  6 to 16
You travel in a group of 6 to 16 travelers
  6 to 12
You travel in a group of 6 to 12 travelers
  4 to 8
You travel in a group of 4 to 8 travelers