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Small Group Cultural Travel & Ecotourism in Costa Rica, Canada & across the Americas
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International High Quality Travel Maps
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 North America - Mexico - Central America - South America - International

North America
Central America & Carribeans
Costa Rica Travel Map (Waterproof) 1:330 000

ITMB International Travel Maps - New Edition (reprint) Feb. 2004 - no major changes in this edition, just a couple of minor corrections. Our most popular title! Double-sided, full colour, not laminated, but actually printed on a plastic, tear-resistant paper - perfect for Central American humidity.

Product Code: 1553411803
edition: 6
year: Feb / 04

Central America Map 1:1 100 000

ITMB International Travel Maps - Soft cover only. New edition 2005

Product Code: 1553410521
year: 2005

Guatemala Travel Ref. Map 1:470 000

ITMB is pleased to release the 5th edition of our Guatemala Travel Reference Map.We are releasing this lovely map just in time for the travel season. This is a brand new map, at a better scale than previously, updated with new digital information, double-sided, fully indexed, with softer colours making road information easier to read. It also has inset maps of Antigua and Guatemala City. Printed on ITM waterproof paper for durability; pre-priced in CAD/US.Legends include: All roads / expressways / highways, international / administrative borders, railways, tracks, road distances, elevation info, archaeological sites, biosphere reserves, active volcanoes, national parks, points of interest, waterfalls, caves.

Product Code: 1553412303
edition: 5
year: 2005

Cuba Travel Reference Map 1:1 000 000

ITMB International Travel Maps - ITMB is pleased to release the 3rd edition of our Cuba Travel Reference Map. Ah, Cuba; exciting, colourful, always interesting – even forty-six years of Castro can’t obliterate the music and fun of the Caribbean’s most exciting island nation. This is a completely new digital map of the country, thanks to the American satellite imagery that NIMA has been providing in a GIS format for the entire world. As a result, we have been able to improve the quality of the physical appearance and, thanks to our close relationship with Cuba’s Ministry of Mapping, improve a lot of the man-made realities of the country. This has been a major project for ITMB, marrying together diverse political and social viewpoints into a detailed and informative travel document. Printed on ITM plastic paper, double-sided, includes insets of central Havana and of Santiago de Cuba. Legend includes: All roads, tracks / trails, railways, elevation info, shipwreck sites, diving areas, parks, points of interest.

Product Code: 1553411846
edition: 3
year: 2005

Honduras Travel Reference Map 1:750 000

2006 EDITION NOW AVAILABLE. ITMB is pleased to release the 3rd edition of our Honduras Travel Reference Map. This is an interesting country, just being discovered by enterprising tourists. The country has fabulous beaches, nice small resorts, Mayan historic sites, mountains, and old colonial towns. Lan and I had a wonderful time researching the country and found tons of information to update this map. I hope we got it all right! Printed on paper, single-sided and includes inset map of Tegucigalpa. (No chickens were harmed in the making of the cover photo!) Legend includes: All roads / tracks, railways, ferry routes, protected areas, National Parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges, national forests, anthropological reserves, coral reefs, elevation info, Indian villages / ranches, distance markings.

Product Code: 1553412427
edition: 3
year: 2006

Nicaragua Travel Ref. Map 1:755 000

ITMB International Travel Maps - NEW EDITION - June 2004.

Product Code: 1553413474
edition: 3
year: 2004

Belize Travel Ref. Map 1:250 000

ITMB International Travel Maps - ITMB is pleased to release the 6th edition of our Belize Travel Reference Map. This is a brand new, double-sided, digital map of Belize, replacing the Kevin Healey map that has evolved through five previous editions. The principal differences are the enhanced scale, a larger page size, an improved inset map of Belize City, and updated road and touristic information. Printed on paper. Legend include: All roads, tracks, ferry routes, International / Administrative borders, National Parks, villages, elevation info (contour lines), accommodation, points of interest, diving / snorkeling / fishing areas, reefs.

Product Code: 1553411331
edition: 6
year: 2005

Panama Travel Ref. Map 1:480,000

NEW EDITION NOW AVAILABLE, 2006. ITMB is pleased to release the 4th edition of our Panama Travel Reference Map. This is another important map for ITM, though I suppose they're all important to some degree. This edition had our intrepid duo, Jack and Lan, cruising and trekking around the country, ground-truthing as much as possible. This edition also sees another one of Kevin Healey's original maps turned digital. As a result of all the work surrounding this title, we've been able to publish it at a much more detailed scale, double-sided in fact. Our President's office states that this is the most detailed map of Panama published to date, including those done by the Panamanian government. Fully indexed, double-sided and printed on ITM's tear-resistant, waterproof paper. Inset map of Panama City included. Legend includes: All roads / highways, railways, international / provincial borders, National Parks, Indian reserves, archaeological sites, hot springs, view points, ruins, hot springs, oil pipelines, recreational sites, points of interest.

Product Code: 1553413598
edition: 4
year: 2006

South America

All orders are sent via regular post, unless otherwise indicated in your order.

All maps are sent folded. Certain maps may be available flat, but shipping costs must then be recalculated, as the parcel would then be sent in a tube, by courier. SHIPPING IS FREE if you order maps when booking one of our tours.

We do not control the postal system! Please read the following delivery information carefully:

Delivery Options
Deliveries are normally sent via normal post, unless otherwise indicated in your order form. Normal post can take 1 to 5 weeks, depending on where you are located. This is not the rule, but as we do not control the postal service in Canada or the US, we cannot guarantee a delivery time.

We do provide FEDEX delivery service anywhere in North America (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) for $30.00 CDN or $25 USD. This offer is subject to the final shipping weight of your order (see footnote*). Deliveries cannot be made to Post Office Box addresses unless a party is there to sign for the delivery.

Please also remember that we are located in Canada, so deliveries made by normal post to the USA are subject to possible US Customs delays.

Normal postal service to Europe (Incl. UK) usually takes approx. 1 week. To Asia, Australia, Africa and other areas, please expect delivery to take approx. 2 - 5 weeks.

*For example, orders weighing over 500 grams (approx. 1 pound) will have a higher courier cost. In most cases, orders consisting of 1 or 2 maps do NOT weigh more than 200 grams.

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Serving international travellers since 1996
We operate cultural ecotourism small group travel
In Costa Rica, Canada & across Latin America

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Serving international travellers since 1996
We operate cultural ecotourism small group tours
In Costa Rica, Canada & across Latin America

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