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Ecotourism Cruise in the Galapagos - 10 days - GAL
 First class small group cruises in the Galapagos

Galapagos tour

Type: Ecotourism
Group:  14
Duration: 10 days


A land where fauna and flora reign supreme, the Galapagos form a mid-ocean archipelago dating back to only three million years and yet formed of prehistoric-like islands and coasts. Located in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of South America, the islands are inhabited by an amazing fauna which inspired Charles Darwin his theory of the evolution: giant tortoises, marine and terrestrial iguanas, blue-footed boobies, frigates, albatross, facetious sea lions, fur seals and strange finches are among the species you will have the pleasure to observe. And there's this sea cooled by the Humboldt current and this sky filled with thousands of stars at night perfectly set between the two hemispheres... Hikes, dives, snorkelling, relaxation, photography and observation, some museums, friendly new faces: combining comfort and discovery, an adventurous cruise for nature lovers! A guided seven days eco-cruise across the Archipelago - tourist class or luxury class - and a guided exploration of Quito: an historical and lively fresco! A quality journey at a moderate pace to see, hear and feel the Galapagos.
Pink flamingo

Tour overview:  
Exploration of Quito > Domestic flight to the Galapagos > Exploration cruise in the archipelago* > Domestic flight back to Quito (exploration of Quito if your flight schedule did not allow you the time to make the tour on days #1).

In the Archipelago:  
Baltra / Bachas > Plazas / Santa Fe > Española (Punta Suarez / Gardner Bay) > Floreana > Darwin Center / Santa Cruz Highlands > Rabida / James Bay > Bartolome / Sullivan Bay > Black Turtle Cove / Baltra.


  • Archipelago very well preserved: National park since 1959, World Heritage site since 1978;
  • Excellent naturalist guide during the cruise on the boat and on the land;
  • Excellent historian guide in Quito;
  • Flexible and adaptable program;
  • All inclusive except Intl flights;
  • Excellent and healthy meals;
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date pre-departure information.
Eco-Cruise Galapagos

tame flight in the archipelago


Galapagos Nemo I



Jumping dolphin

Galapagos Darwin Finch

Galapagos lezard

blue footed boobie

naturalist tour guide

Galapagos Pelicans

Day #1 - Quito
Upon your arrival in Quito, you will be met at the exit of the arrivals by a professional driver and you will be transferred to your comfortable and charming hotel in Quito. Your driver will confirm next day's pick-up time for your transfer to the airport. Explore the capital or rest at your hotel.
Note: You may leave some luggage at the hotel in Quito during your Galapagos cruise, simply ask at reception desk.

Day #2 - Baltra, Santa Cruz Island & Las Bachas Beach
Flight towards Baltra/Galapagos. As you prepare to land in Baltra, peer out the window. The landscape below will seem otherworldly - and it is, for you have come to a place like no other. Upon your arrival to Baltra, your bilingual naturalist guide will greet you at the airport and will assist you through customs.
The Galapagos Islands are unique to the world and you are about to see why. During lunch your guide will introduce you to the islands and specifically the flora and fauna you will encounter at your first destination, Las Bachas Beach.
On the sandy white beaches of Las Bachas you will get a close look at a sea turtle nesting area and a lake frequented by leggy pink flamingos and other migratory birds. Afterwards, you will cool yourselves off with your first dip in the deliciously blue Pacific Ocean. As this is your first evening together, the crew will invite you to a pre-dinner cocktail on the yacht. If the night is clear, as it usually is, the stars above will dazzle; look for the Southern Cross, the Big Dipper (turned up-side down!) and Orion.

Day #3 - South Plazas Island & Santa Fe Island
After breakfast we will sail to Plazas Island, where a large colony of sea lions lounges daily in the equatorial sun.
Soon you will notice their subtle diabolic grins and wonder what they find so humorous; you only hope the joke isn't on you! Plaza also boasts excellent examples of typical Galapaganean flora such as the towering cacti "trees" that form the principal diet for both the land iguanas and the cactus finch. Other birds that may flutter by include lava gulls, yellow warblers and red-billed tropicbirds with their elaborate tails.
After lunch on the yacht, we continue to Santa Fe Island, a sea journey of 2 1/2 hours. Upon arrival to the island, we will be treated to a noisy welcome by the local sea lion colony. Following our naturalist guide on the island paths we will come to Santa Fe's main attraction, a towering forest of giant cacti. Scattered around the cacti trees you will see a number of the island's indigenous sun-seekers: marine and land iguanas, the rainbow-streaked lava lizards and, if you are lucky, land tortoises - the namesakes of the islands.
After our walk we will plunge into the salty sea and snorkel in the company of sea lions, lionfish and sea turtles. Finally, we will return to the yacht for dinner.

Day #4 - Espanola Island, Suarez Point & Garner Bay
Espanola is one of the most magical of all the islands. It is a place where the animals reign supreme and we humans are merely guests. As your dingy brings you to shore you will see sea lion pups sunbathing with marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies nesting in between. Nearby may be a Galapagos Hawk. If it is booby mating season watch the bonded pairs do the infamous booby dance (if it's not mating season ask your guide to demonstrate - after all it's his job to teach you about the local fauna).
Following lunch on board the yacht, we will visit Garner Bay, a great place for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. Lionfish, flycatchers, and Galapagos hawks will keep us company as we relax under the rays of the evening sun. Dinner on the yacht completes our day.

blue footed boobie
Day #5 - Floreana Island, Cormorant Point & Corona del Diablo
Today, when you awake and peer out your porthole, you will see Floreana, one of the greenest islands in the archipelago. Ask your guide to tell you about its mysterious history laden with rumours of witches, murderous baronesses, blackmail and dubious disappearances. Our first stop is Punta Cormorant, where we follow a footpath to a lagoon inhabited by flaming-pink flamingos. We will also pass by Carolina Beach, a sea turtle nesting area and a superb spot for watching sea birds and sea rays. Back on our yacht, we skirt the island's coast until we arrive at La Corona del Diablo (the Devil's Crown), a sub-marine crater that offers some of the most spectacular snorkelling in the Galapagos. After returning to the boat for lunch we will sail on to Post Office Bay, where the island's original post office -consisting, at the time, only of a wooden barrel - was established in 1793. The current system still functions as it did three centuries ago.

Day #6 - Santa Cruz Island
We will visit the station's Tortoise Rearing Center. Here we can find itty bitty tortoises, hand-sized between the ages of one and five, and marvel at how they achieve such a large size as adults (500 lbs. or more!). Galapagos tortoises are believed to have a lifespan of over 100 years, so the young ones have a long life ahead of them as long as they receive the protection they need.
Aside from the station headquarters, Santa Cruz boasts the largest town and economic center of the Galapagos, Puerto Ayora. In this port-side town we can buy souvenirs of the islands (postcards, t-shirts, books, etc.). Check-out the uniquely Galapaganean ceramic shop near the entrance of the Charles Darwin Station.
After shopping in Puerto Ayora and lunch on the boat (guests may eat in town if they desire), we will explore the upper region ("parte alta") of the island, a moisture-rich area with fertile volcanic soils. We will learn about the vegetation and animal life of this zone, often strikingly different than that found at lower elevations.

Day #7 - Rabida Island, Santiago Island
Wake-up in the morning to the sound of barking sea lions and the lapping of the sea. After breakfast travel by dingy to the seashell-pink sands of Rabida Island. Here we will see a pelican nesting area on the beach, and then we will set off on the short path across the island, gazing at the sea birds whirling overhead. After stopping at two Kodak-worthy viewpoints we will return to the boat for lunch. Two hours of sailing after lunch will bring us to our second stop for the day, Santiago Island.
Once at
Egas Port we disembark and follow a footpath across the island, admiring the grinning marine iguanas, Darwin finches, rainbowed lava lizards, and endemic Galapagos hawks along the way. A special sight on Santiago is the endangered fur seals cooling off in the shade formed by the seashore grottos.

Day #8 - Santiago Island, Sullivan Bay & Bartolome Island
Our second day on Santiago Island takes us to awe-inspiring Sullivan Bay. At the turn of the century a huge lava flow spilled forth and right down to the sea; today you can stroll across this black volcanic expanse admiring its time-frozen ripples, bubbles and ropes.
After lunch we will visit nearby Bartolome Island, which at its highest point (114m) has one of the most photographed views in the archipelago. This island is quite young and quite volcanic. Therefore, it's relatively unpopulated; only a small handful of die-hard plant and animal species have survived long enough to call this otherworldly lava-land home.

Pink flamingoDay #9 - North Seymour Island and Quito
After an early breakfast we will disembark at our last stop, North Seymour Island. Here we will see frigate birds, the clownish blue-footed booby, and of course the ubiquitous sea lions. With luck, we will witness the striking courtship display of the male frigate bird, in which he inflates a red balloon-like sac below his throat and struts his stuff for all of the young females. After our visit to North Seymour we will sail to Baltra Island to catch our plane back to the mainland. Your guide will help with the check-in.
Upon your arrival in Quito, you will be met at the exit of the arrivals by a professional driver and guide to go on a guided exploration of Quito, the historical capital of Ecuador.

Day #10 - Transfer to the International airport or any other location in the Quito area - End of the adventure.
If your schedule permits it, you can take the Quito guided exploration today instead of doing it on day #9. This will allow you more time to explore the city and witness its architectural and cultural treasures.

The Islands
A tiny, steep-cliffs island packed with fascinating life. Sea lions, land iguanas and tropical birds thrive amidst vegetation that changes colour with the seasons. A very good snorkelling and diving site.

A quiet, secluded cove with a nice beach and good snorkelling. A great place to anchor and watch iguanas and lava lizards standing silent vigil while families of sea lions frolic in the soft, white sand. Noble Palo Santo and dramatic stands of Opuntia cactus form the backdrop of this magic scene.

Nearly all the species found on this island are visible at Punta Suarez, including tame mockingbirds, uncommon red - and green - trimmed marine iguanas, both blue footed and masked boobies, and albatross colonies. Hike to the blowhole and enjoy glittering sand beaches.

Known for Post Office Bay where 18th century whalers opened an unofficial post office in the form of a barrel.

Home of the Charles Darwin Research Station, an academic and conservation institution where international scientists conduct biological research with the aims of learning about and preserving the Galapagos Islands. The station houses several giant tortoises at its protected highland reserve. These islands have spectacular scenery and sparkling sandy beaches.

The rocky island's red beach is frequented by sea lions, pelicans and boobies nest near the shoreline and a few hundred meters inland sits an awe-inspiring flamingo lagoon. Nine species of finches have been reported here, and invertebrates, sea lions, manta rays are common sites.

A small Islet located southeast of James Island. Fragile lava coats nearly the entire islet. The islets principal attractions are its many small lava tubes, its coralline beach, and its impressive array of fauna, including sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas, hawks, lava cactus.

Jutting out of Sullivan Bay, Pinnacle Rock seems to watch you as you pass by... Bartolome has some of the best scenery in the islands. Moreover, Bartolome is perfect for snorkelling and diving and boasts an ancient crater, great for hiking, and lovely beaches.

A great opportunity to view newly forged volcanic landscapes composed of relatively flat, black pahochoe lava, and dotted with pyroplastic cones. Also, see the tiny Mollugi plants that grow out of fissures, as they begin to colonize the arid terrain.

The oldest settlement in the Galapagos Islands. Important points to visit are Cerro Brujo - Kicker Rock - Punta "Pitti and "León Dormido".

Life is everywhere you look. Red-pouched frigate birds (they display their red pouches as part of their unique mating ritual, blue-footed boobies and swallow-tail gulls are just a few of the many endemic birds that inhabit the island.

Lodging and Boat
Galapagos Aida MariaFirst class Class Catamaran / Nemo I
This is the boat used on this tour.

The twleve passenger Nemo I offers a great combination of comfort, style and economy for tours in the Galapagos. Ideal for a family cruise or with friends, for naturalist or diving cruises, our large catamaran was specially built to take up to 12 passengers. Nemo is a member of Scubapro, PADI, and DAN diving associations.

6 double cabins each with private bathroom are shared between the two hulls. The ingeniously designed saloon, the vast cockpit and the unique exterior surface make S/C Nemo an exceptional cruising boat.

Built by DUFOUR shipyard and imagined by JOUBERT – NIVELT, it was nevertheless the designer Jacques PIERREJEAN whose final touch gifted NEMO GALAPAGOS with its particular ambiance.

We offer affordable, customized excursions to the Galapagos Islands. If you are looking for an authentic adventure, come experience Ecuador and the Galapagos with Amerika Venture, there's no better way to see this magical land and sea.

Construction: Dufour
LOA: 25 mts. / 82 ft.
Beam: 10 mts. / 32,8 ft.
Draft: 1,40 mts. / 4,6 ft.
Main sail: 130 mts2 / 1400 sq ft.
Engines: 2 x 130 HP
Electric voltage: 110 & 220 v
Generator: 12 kwa
Navigation Instruments: Autopilot, GPS, Radar.
Water maker: 200 1/h / 60 g/h
Fans, Deck shower, TV and VCR PAL
SECAM, HI-FI, CD; radio and tapes
Snorkeling equipment
Sea Kayaks & Zodiac
Diving equipment for rent
Galapagos Nemo IGalapagos Nemo I

Your hostal in Quito is an old traditional house recently restored into a first class South American boutique hotel. They offer guests the gracious atmosphere and style of a home located in the heart of Quito, near most places of historical and tourist interest as well as restaurants, banks and shops. All 11 charming and tastefully decorated rooms have a private bathroom, cable TV, direct phone and safe deposit box. Beds are covered with a soft down comforter with white, clean duvet covers. Complimentary bottled water and complimentary chocolates. Complimentary bath amenities including shampoo, rinse, soap, face towels. Hair dryers available.
Intertnational flights
Your international flight must land in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, on day 1 of the program at any time of the day or before day 1. Your return flight must leave Quito on day 10 of the program or later. An additional overnight in the capital, for one or two people, is $90.00US including the breakfast.
To receive a quotation for pre-routing flights, please
click here.
  • Accommodation in Quito in a charming inn and on board a comfortable and modern yacht;
  • All meals during the cruise (full board);
  • Breakfasts in Quito;
  • Visits to the islands,
  • English speaking naturalist guide in the Islands;
  • English speaking city guide in Quito;
  • National flights Quito / Galapagos / Quito;
  • All the transfers;
  • A detailed Traveler's File filled with precise and up-to-date information.
  • International flights;
  • Personal insurances;
  • Galapagos entrance fee (100 USD);
  • Drinks and tips;
  • Lunches and diners in Quito.

TOUR PRICE IN 2014 / 2015

This tour is operated as a regular service (100% guaranteed departures) from:
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 4950.00 $US
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International flights NOT INCLUDED.
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Discounts for triple and quadruple occupancy do not apply to child rate
nor to the regular rate for parents sharing a room with a child / children.
If rates vary according to the season and / or the number of participants
and / or other factors, see details under RATE VARIATIONS.
The price of this tour may change at any time BEFORE booking.
Once a reservation is confirmed, the price is fixed and can no longer fluctuate.
To avoid paying a single occupancy supplement individual travellers can request
to share a double occupancy room (upon request and subject to availability).


These dates correspond to DAY #1 of the tour
2019 : JUN 15, JUN 29, JUL 06, JUL 10, JUL 13, JUL 20, JUL 24, JUL 27, AUG 03, AUG 07, AUG 17, AUG 21, OCT 19, NOV 09, NOV 16, NOV 23, DEC 14, DEC 21, DEC 28
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