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La Ruta Maya: Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras

Fully Escorted High Quality Small Group Tours in Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras, 15 days / 14 nights
Click on the map for a larger interactive version A fascinating journey
exploring history, culture
and nature through
the splendors surrounding
the Mayan civilization!

A safe and close encounter with today's Mayas travelling with a friendly and professional tour guide and lodging in charming - localy owned and centraly located - inns and hotels. Most of the major maya sites & mayan ruins of Mexico and Guatemala are included in this tour.

High quality accommodations, top guides, small groups (4 to 12 travellers); a comfortable & safe way to explore the vast Maya Land and its cultures!
Cancun > Tulum > Coba > Chichen Itza > Merida > Uxmal > Palenque > Yaxchilan > Bonampak >
San Cristobal > Chichicastenango (Guat.) > Lago Atitlan > Antigua > Flores > Tikal > Copan (Hond.)
TYPE : Cultural
DURATION : 15 days
GROUPE : 12 (maxi)

Smile from Mexico

archaeological site of Mexico


Maya people

archaeological site of Mexico

archaeological site of Mexico

ecotourism in Mexico and Guatemala

archaeological site of Guatemala

Riviera maya beach

guatemala people

Usumacinta river


Guatemala people

Guatemala people


maya site

Agua Azul

Guatemala people


Tulum maya site, Mexico

chichen itza

archaeological site of Mexico

archaeological site of Mexico

people of Mexico

chiapas people


Resplendent Quetzal
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<< We wanted to inform you of how much we enjoyed that trip, and what great, enthusiastic service we received from our principal guides, Raul and Henry. They both were very knowledgeable, accommodating, and worked very hard to make the trip as truly great as it was. Without the extra assistance that they gave us there were many experiences that would have been unavailable [...] We are very, very grateful. I would also like to mention some of the day guides, particularly, Lorenzo, in Panajachel. He was determined to do a great job, and he succeeded admirably. Another man that went out of his way to show us interesting things was Marcel at the Las Sepulturas section of Copan. Henry had to translate a lot for us, but Marcel was proud of his place, and determined to show it fully to us. We enjoyed it immensely. We would also like to thank you for your very knowledgeable, professional efforts on our behalf. The trip exceed our expectations, and we have many delightful memories. We will be certainly be back in touch with you when we decide to go to Costa Rica! >>

Yucatan cenote scuba diving
The Yucatan is a large riverless peninsula made primarily of limestone and it has thousands of underground caverns, many running with underground rivers. Occasionally these caves will collapse leaving an opening. If the cavern is running with water, it will create a cenote. Cenotes are limestone sinkholes, filled with water and they are unique to the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayans used these sinkholes for sources of water and built cities around them. Cenotes are an understandable attraction; you can have a refreshing swim, scuba dive and snorkel in them, or simply admire their amazing beauty.
Beach extensions in Mexico and/or Belize
We also propose pre-tour (in Mexico) and post-tour (in Belize) beach extensions (with scuba diving options).
Contact us for a quotation.

Accomodations used

Vehicles used

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Dates & price
Day 1. Cancun / Playa Del Carmen
Arrival in Cancun, transfer to Playa del Carmen. Overnight in a charming hotel near the beach and Avenida Quinta. Tonight's evening meal is served at the hotel's restaurant.
NOTE: You will be picked up at the airport upon arrival, which can be any time in the day. If you are already in Cancun, we will pick you up at your hotel or at any location that is convenient to you. This tour begins in Cancun (CUN) and ends in Guatemala City (GUA).

Day 2. Tulum & Coba Maya Sites, drive to Valladolid
Meet your tour guide at breakfast served in the hotel restaurant. Transfer to the Tulum area (45 minutes drive). Exploration of the archaeological site of Tulum (900-1600 AD), one of the few Maya sites overlooking the Caribbean coast and having a wall on its perimeter; our first step towards exploring the famous empire. After lunch in Tulum, we transfer to Coba to explore its impressive ruins (600-900 AD). Hidden deep in the tropical jungle, Coba was once, at its peak, the largest city of the empire. Nohoch Mul, the Great Pyramid is one of the highest of the Mayan world. From the summit, we contemplate the surrounding jungle extending to the horizon. We then proceed to Valladolid, typical small and charming colonial city. Enjoy a stroll through the streets of Valladolid and visit cenote Zaci with its stalactites and stalagmites. In the afternoon, we settle in our charming hotel in town where dinner will be served.

Day 3. Chichen Itza Maya Site, Izamal, drive to Uxmal
Breakfast at the hotel then transfer to Chichen Itza (30 minutes away) for a guided exploration of the archaeological site. Popular and impressive visiting this site imposes itself during a tour of the Mayan World. Lunch at the small village of Piste, a few kilometers from the ruins, and on to Uxmal, with a stop at the yellow city Izamal. Rated "magical village" by the national tourism organization. Its large convent and its Mayan ruins, located in the same village are well worth the visit. We then continue to Uxmal. Arrival in the afternoon at our cozy hotel located near the archaeological site of Uxmal. Room check-in and free time before taking the evening meal served at the hotel. A "light and sound" show will later be presented at the Uxmal site (around 19:00), a pleasant and memorable introduction to our visit the next day (the activity is included in our tour).

Day 4. Uxmal Maya Site, drive to Palenque
Early breakfast followed by a visit from 8:00 to 10:00 to the Uxmal Archaeological Site (500-900 AD.) Located in the Puuc hills, the name to which was identified the particular architectural style of the region, this ancient Mayan city is one of the major archaeological sites in Mexico. Enjoy here the stylized stone columns and arches where the details of the engravings persist. Among the main buildings we discover, Uxmal includes the vast Governor's Palace, with 24 rooms accessible through two archways connecting the terraces. At the top of the upper façade runs a wide stone mosaic frieze consisting of geometric designs, stylized characters, masks of Chac, the glyphs representing the planet Venus and slithery snakes. Another finding of interest: the oval shape of the Pyramid of the Magician, a unique archaeological architecture in Mexico and the Mayan world. Probably built from the sixth century, this building has a combination of different styles from all periods of construction. After this exploration in the company of our guide, we leave towards Palenque (about 6 hours drive). We will stop along the way to take lunch in a restaurant in the area of Campeche. Evening arrival at Palenque, hotel check-in and free evening.

Day 5. Yaxchilan and Bonampak Maya Sites
Around 5:30 this morning, we head to Corozal, on the border of Guatemala (2 hour drive). Breakfast will be served in a restaurant on the road. In Corozal, we embark to Yaxchilan, navigating the waters of the Rio Usumacinta (45 minutes), and then visit the site of Yaxchilan. This impressive site, while still largely buried and still under study, demonstrates how a Mayan city could be grand and imposing. After the visit we return by boat to Corozal where we will have lunch in a local restaurant before traveling by road to Bonampak. Bonampak was an important discovery for archaeologists, because of its beautiful frescoes depicting the life of the Maya court at the eighth century where rituals and battles are dramatically illustrated. These paintings have been beautifully preserved for centuries by a coating of calcite that archaeologists only had to carefully remove to reveal. After the tour, we will return to Palenque where we should arrive around 19:30. Free dinner and evening at the hotel.

Day 6. Palenque Maya Site, Agua Azul, drive to San Cristobal
Early breakfast served at the hotel restaurant and quick transfer to the Palenque maya site (600-900 AD). Set in the dense jungle at the foot of the mountains, Palenque is one of the most impressive Maya sites. Only a few of the 500 buildings have been excavated, but there are here some masterpieces left by the empire: lines, pyramids, administrative buildings; the entire site is a marvel and the clear waterfalls of the vicinity are still there, turbulent, polishing the stones that once walked the Mayas. After this visit, we set off to the town of San Cristobal and make a quick visit to the falls and waterfalls of Agua Azul. Tumbling over natural limestone terraces, creating a series of pools of turquoise water spread in a national park of 2,600 acres. The river runs through an area covered by coniferous forests, habitat for jaguars, tapirs, toucans and many of other animal species. Travellers can bathe here in crystal clear and temperate waters. Lunch will be served on the site, right next to the river. We later travel to San Cristobal, a beautiful colonial city in the Chiapas Mountains. The evening meal will be served in a pleasant restaurant in town.

Day 7. Region of San Cristobal de Las Casas
The city of San Cristobal, located at 2100 m (6900 feet) above sea level, has a population of 70 000 inhabitants. It is one of the most pleasant cities to discover in this part of Mexico. We explore the city this morning, walk through its streets, squares and markets. Las Casas, the first bishop of the city and the first European to have tried to defend the Indians, is still called "the father of the Indian." His name comes up regularly on the pages of history dealing with that region and this city, the oldest colonial city in Chiapas. San Cristobal is noted for its arcades and low colonial houses with barred wrought iron windows, pink tiled roofs and painted yellow, orange and purple walls. After lunch, served in a nice restaurant in town, we will visit the village of San Juan Chamula, famous for its church, place of worship of an amazing syncretism, where the Christian rituals associated with ancient Mayan spiritual believes gave birth to unique practices. We will be back to our hostel in the afternoon. For dinner tonight, not included in the tour, travellers will enjoy convenient access to a variety of restaurants located within walking distance of our hotel. Get advice from your guide and / or the friendly hotel staff. A walk to the Zocalo is scheduled later tonight to taste the local wine-based punch seasoned with cinnamon (served hot!) and admire the magnificent baroque cathedral colourfully illuminated in the night. ...follow your guide!

Day 8. Towards Chichicastenango, Guatemala...
After an early breakfast, we drive towards Chichicastenango, Guatemala (about 4.5 hours drive + border crossing). At the border, we will change vehicle and driver to continue onto the Central America portion of our tour. Our tour guide remains with us for the whole duration of the trip, assisting with the border formalities. Arrival and hotel check-in in the afternoon in Chichicastenango, a charming colonial town home to the largest ethnic group of the Altiplano: the Quiches. The main attraction of the city lies in its Indian market held twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays). Yet, although today is Saturday, Chichi should be quite animated since Indian vendors will be arriving from all over Guatemala to participate in the next day's market. The evening meal will be served at a local restaurant not far from our hotel.
NOTE: Today, midterm, some travellers may leave the group while others join it since it is a proposed option to participate in (book) the first week of the trip only (Mexico portion, 8 days) or the second week only (Guatemala and Honduras, 8 days).

Day 9. Chichicastenango / Atitlan Lake
After breakfast at the hotel, we explore Chichicastenango and its Sunday market, one of the largest Indian markets and the most colourful of Guatemala. We can find here beautifully woven textiles, amazing masks reproducing the ones used during traditional dances, traditional embroidered blouses (huipil) such as the ones worn by the Quiche women, hammocks and an impressive variety of produces and crafts (pottery, woodworking, candles, incense, animals, fruits and vegetables, tools and machetes, etc.). This Quiché Mayan village, located in the heart of the Altiplano, is surrounded during market days by an animated and almost magical atmosphere; many travellers remember this visit as one of the highlights on their trip... As you venture to the front of the church Santo Tomas, a whitewashed building dating from the sixteenth century located right next to the market, you can observe the effects of the rich syncretism of Christian and Mayan beliefs characterizing the popular cult of these regions. After our visit, we will travel to Panajachel, a small town on the shores of Lake Atitlan (about 40 min. drive). Check-in and free time at our charming inn of Panajachel. Dinner will be served tonight in a local restaurant located within walking distance of our hotel.

Day 10. Atitlan Lake area / Antigua
Breakfast served at the inn. Today we explore by boat this beautiful area surrounded by majestic volcanoes and dotted with villages steeped in history and tradition. Cruising the waters of the Atitlan Lake, we will travel to the villages of San Juan la Laguna, San Pedro and/or Santiago de Atitlan to stroll through the streets and enjoy the scenery. We will also visit an organic and fair trade coffee plantation cooperative "La Voz que Clama en el Desierto" located in San Juan la Laguna. It may be possible, for those who wish, to visit here one of the women associations of San Juan who maintain the tradition of weaving, using natural methods of dyeing and weaving yarn (ask to your guide...). We will back to Panajachel in the afternoon and from here continue our travel towards Antigua (60 minutes drive). Arrival in Antigua in the evening, boutique-hotel check-in & dinner.

Day 11. Antigua / Guatemala / Flores
Breakfast served at the hotel followed by some free for strolling and exploring Antigua with your guide, walking through the streets and squares. Antigua is often considered to be the most beautiful city in Guatemala; its colourful markets, impressive churches and colonial style give it a character and an irresistible charm. Enjoy today a pleasant stay in one of the jewels of Central America ... In the afternoon we transfer to the Guatemala City airport (approx. 45min. drive) where we will take an evening flight to Flores. Upon arrival at the airport in Flores, we will be welcomed by our local driver and transfer to Flores charming boutique-hotel. Dinner will be served at the hotel or nearby.

Day 12. Tikal Maya Site
An early wake-up awaits us today to hop on a quick transfer to the Tikal Maya site after breakfast (1-hour drive). Guided exploration of one of the most impressive archaeological sites testifying to the Mayan empire: Tikal (300-1100 AD). The site is so vast, pyramids so high and the jungle so dense that one can easily find himself alone here; alone to face the splendour of Mayan architecture and the wealth of flora and fauna occupying the region and the site's perimeter. In the evening, we will transfer back to Flores to relax by the pool to cool off a bit before taking the evening meal at the hotel's restaurant.

Day 13. Flores / Guatemala / Copan
Early breakfast and transfer to the Flores airport where we will take a morning flight back to Guatemala City. Upon arrival at the airport in Guatemala, we will be met by our local driver for the transfer to the site of Copan in Honduras (about 4 hours drive + border crossing formalities). We will reach the Copan area in the afternoon. Check-in at our charming hotel and free time to explore the city and small archaeological sites of the periphery. Dinner will be served tonight at the hotel or in a local restaurant, follow your guide...

This tour is offered in regular guaranteed departures. All trips take place, no matter how many travellers join.
See Dates & prices.
Also available, upon request, in private service (any date).
Pre-book your trip for 14 days, without any cost or obligation, and then take your time to search your flights and confirm your vacation dates. It's that simple!
1. PRE-BOOK for free your travel (through our online form or with your travel agent).
2. SEARCH & BOOK your international flights (on-line or through your travel agent).
3. CONFIRM your pre-booked tour within 14 days, or simply let your pre-booking expire (automatic cancelation).
Day 14. Copan Maya Site (Honduras) / Guatemala
An early morning breakfast will be served in the hotel restaurant. We then leave to explore the Copan Maya site (400-900 AD.) in the company of our expert guide. Discovered in 1570 by Diego García de Palacio, this major archaeological site is located in the jungle. The first excavations did not take place until the nineteenth century and they made it possible to uncover the Grande Plaza, famous for its stelaes and altars carved with animal shapes, a ball playground, remarkable for its size and excellent state of preservation, the Hieroglyphic Stairway, built during the reign of the 15th king of Copan, on which is carved directly in the stone of each of its steps the longest Mayan text known to date. The ruins of the citadel and the various temples reveal the three main stages of development the city went thought before it was abandoned in the early tenth century. We will drive back to Guatemala after lunch served near the site (about 4 hours drive + border crossing). Evening arrival and boutique-hotel check-in in Guatemala City. The evening meal will be served at the hotel.

Day 15. Guatemala
Breakfast and transfer to the Guatemala City international airport to register travellers on their international flights. End of the adventure.

This tour includes the services of a Maya specialist professional English speaking guide throughout the program. Very occasionally, a tour departure may be operated as a bilingual group tour (English and French are then spoken). During these trips, the main travel guide assigned to the group speaks very well English and French, and a local guide is added to the tour for each visit of a Maya site, allowing us to split the main group into two unilingual smaller groups to allow everyone to appreciate the guided visits of the different Maya sites in their own language. Notwithstanding the composition of the main group, its total size never exceeds 12 participants.
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Afternoon of day #15 : 
  • Travellers continuing today with us to another region of the country will be transferred from here to their new destination (see our trip extensions).
  • Travellers whose stay in the country ends today, will be transferred from here to the international airport to be there about 3 hours before their flight.
  • Travellers staying in the country but whose services with us end today will be transferred to the location of their choice in the central metropolitan area.
  • This trip begins in Cancun (CUN) and ends in Guatemala (GUA).
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This tour follows an itinerary that can vary from a departure to another. Depending on the date of travel and a variety of factors, some departures follow the regular route (described above), while others take an alternative route. The precise route taken during a trip is confirmed (at the latest) in the traveller's tour dossier send 45 to 30 days prior departure or upon request prior to booking.
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COMMUNICATIONS: I found the travel documents very informative and helpful. I was able to look at information on all the hotels in advance of my departure. All communications prior to my departure were excellent and most helpful. [...]
GUIDES: Patricia was one of the best guides and tour leaders I have ever had. She was extremely knowledgeable, considerate and helpful. Her English was excellent and she communicated very well. She handled all the hotels with great efficiency and charm and her relationship with the drivers and other guides was excellent. Well done for finding such a wonderful person.
TOUR: We went to some amazing sites and were always given adequate
stops during the sometimes long drives. The itinerary fulfilled my dream of seeing as many Maya sites as possible and in addition I was delighted to be able to visit Maya villages both in Mexico and in Guatemala. The schedule was intense but very well worth it and Patricia made sure we got to sites early in the morning which enabled us to be amongst the first visitors each day so that we saw everything without hoards of other tourists. Guatemala was amazing and we had an excellent local guide who took us to three villages on Lake Atitlan.
ACCOMMODATIONS: All the hotels were excellent in their own way. Some were simple but clean and comfortable with very helpful staff and others were quite luxurious and a delight to stay in. [...]
TRANSPORTS: Raphael, our driver in Mexico, was extremely good and made an excellent team with Patricia. The vehicle was always spotless and his driving careful. He also had a great knowledge of the Maya and their customs and sites. He was always on time.
In Guatemala were also had a good driver who met us at the border and took us to our hotel on Lake Atitlan and then from there to the airport. He was a fast but good driver and always on time and helpful.
MEALS: For the majority of the time we ate extremely well and Patricia made a point of pointing out local dishes for us to try. We had some amazing prawn dishes and the fresh fruit and orange juice we had most mornings was wonderful. [...]
TRAVEL COMPANIONS: I couldn't have wished for better travel companions - by the end were just like one big happy family and that included Patricia and Rafael.
"WOULD YOU RECOMMEND AMERIKA VENTURE?" I would most certainly recommend Amerika Venture to anyone who wanted an adventurous holiday in Central America!
Mrs Brenda TONG, U.K.


COMMUNICATIONS: Most happy with communications with your office. […] Extensive travel documents both emailed and posted to us, very well done.
GUIDES: Patricia was wonderful. She went out of her way to sort any minor problems. She has a wonderful personality, was always smiling and friendly, even at the end of a long day, and coped well with translations.
TOUR: The program was followed as per our itinerary. We were pleased with the amount and variety of Mayan sites that we saw. We never felt rushed through a site or herded like some larger groups we saw.
ACCOMODATIONS : All the accommodations were great. Most outstanding were Casa Morada in San Christobal where our room was fabulous and Posada de los Volcanes in Panajachel not so much for the room but for the friendly family run atmosphere. All accommodations were very clean. […]
TRANSPORTS: […] all transports where comfortable, clean and we felt very safe. […] We were happy with all the drivers, particularly Eric in Guatemala who had to drive through thick fog.
MEALS: Most of our meals were good to very good. Patricia did her best to cater for our vegetarian diet […]. Hotel breakfasts were usually substantial. […]
"WOULD YOU RECOMMEND AMERIKA VENTURE?" Yes we would recommend your tours. As previously said, our only real problem was the language barrier, otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable and well organised trip.
Julie Ann GLEESON, Australia
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If you would like to extend your trip (seaside holiday, scuba diving package...), please send us your request, we will be happy to propose you services tailored to your wishes and requirements.
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International flights
Pre-tour / post tour international flights are not included in our trips. Our services start at the arrival of the traveler in the destination airport and finish upon his return to the airport at the end of the tour. We can however, through our partnering agencies, propose flights for the air portion of your trip. If you book your flights directly with the airline (or a local or on-line travel agency), simply send us a copy of your flight confirmation. Our services at destination (land services) will be coordinated to correspond to your schedules (arrival and departure).

Your arrival at destination
Your flight must arrive at destination (CUN airport) on day #1 at any time of day (or before day #1). Whatever your destination arrival time, our greet & meet is coordinated accordingly. If your arrival time changes, our greet & meet will automatically be adjusted to match it. If your flight is significantly behind (1 day or more), a private transfer to join the group may need to be billed (expense covered by any good travel insurance). If you arrive in the destnation before day #1, please ask us for a pre-tour extension proposal.

Préacheminement international

Hotel La Tortugua
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  • The services of a professional driver-guide with you from the beginning to the end and the services of a specialized local guide on each Maya site.
  • All transports in a private modern mini-bus, from airport arrival to airport departure.
  • Accommodations in charming and very comfortable hotels, eco-lodges and inns, private bathroom, pleasant ambience.
  • All the activities included in the description of the tour and the entry fees to the sites visited and included in the tour program:
    • Tulum Maya site ;
    • Coba Maya site ;
    • Gran Cenote or Cenote Zaci ;
    • Chichen Itza Maya site;
    • Uxmal Maya site ;
    • Palenque Maya site ;
    • Yaxchilan Maya site ;
    • Bonampak Maya site ;
    • Agua Azul waterfalls ;
    • Tikal Maya site ;
    • Copan Maya site.
  • A national round-trip flight:
    Guatemala City / Flores / Guatemala City.
  • All the breakfasts.
  • Each day, one lunch or one evening meal (in equal proportions), served in hotels and restaurants.
  • The entry fees on all the Maya sites.
  • International flights ;
  • Travel insurance ;
  • One meal per day (lunch or evening meal, in equal proportion during the tour).
  • Tips and personal expenses (border crossing fees, souvenirs, communications, etc.).
* The graphical presentation of this trip may include optional locations. See the written description for details.
* The tour guide and/or driver may change during the tour.
* When the group size doesn't reach 4 participants, the guide may, in some cases, also act as driver.
* Certain tours may be carried out in the company of French speaking travellers (travelling with their own guide).
This tour includes the services of a Maya specialist professional English speaking guide throughout the program. Very occasionally, a tour departure may be operated as a bilingual group tour (English and French are then spoken). During these trips, the main travel guide assigned to the group speaks very well English and French, and a local guide is added to the tour for each visit of a Maya site, allowing us to split the main group into two unilingual smaller groups to allow everyone to appreciate the guided visits of the different Maya sites in their own language. Notwithstanding the composition of the main group, its total size never exceeds 12 participants.

TOUR PRICE IN 2014 / 2015

This tour is operated as a regular service (100% guaranteed departures) from:
Child sharing parent(s)' room:
SINGLE occupancy supplement:
TRIPLE occupancy discount:
QUAD occupancy discount:
 1600.00 $US
 +900.00 $US
-160.00 $US
-260.00 $US
 per traveller
 per traveller
 per traveller
 per traveller
Change currency:  $US | $CA | EUR
International flights NOT INCLUDED.
Travel Insurance NOT INCLUDED.
Discounts for triple and quadruple occupancy do not apply to child rate
nor to the regular rate for parents sharing a room with a child / children.
If rates vary according to the season and / or the number of participants
and / or other factors, see details under RATE VARIATIONS.
The price of this tour may change at any time BEFORE booking.
Once a reservation is confirmed, the price is fixed and can no longer fluctuate.
To avoid paying a single occupancy supplement individual travellers can request
to share a double occupancy room (upon request and subject to availability).


These dates correspond to DAY #1 of the tour
2022 : JAN 29, FEB 12, NOV 26, DEC 03
To book a tour, please select a travel date.


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