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Uruguay flagUruguay may be pint-sized but it's certainly big-hearted when it comes to attractions. It contains one of South America's most interesting capitals, charming colonial towns and a cluster of internationally renowned beach resorts.


Full country name: República Oriental del Uruguay
Area: 187,000 sq km (72,930 sq mi)
Population: 3,334,074
Capital city: Montevideo (pop 1,400,000)
People: 88% European descent, 8% Mestizo, 4% Black
Language: Spanish
Religion: 66% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, 2% Jewish

Government: Republic
GDP: US$28.4 billion
GDP per head: US$8,600
Annual growth: 3%
Inflation: 8%
Major industries: Wool, hides, beef, fishing, textiles, footwear, tires, cement, tourism
Major trading partners: Brazil, Argentina, USA, Germany, Italy


Visas: Most foreigners require a visa, except nationals from neighboring countries, Western Europe, Israel, Japan, South Africa and the USA. All visitors need a tourist card, which is valid for 90 days and extendable for a similar period.
Health risks: Hepatitis
Time: GMT/UTC minus 3 hours
Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz
Weights & measures: Metric

When to Go
Uruguay's main attraction is its beaches, so most visitors come in summer. Along the littoral, summer temperatures are smotheringly hot, but the hilly interior is cooler, especially at night.


Region: South America

Neighbors: Uruguay is bordered on the north and northeast by Brazil, on the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the Río de la Plata, and on the west by Argentina. The Río Uruguay forms the entire western boundary.

Size Comparison: Less than half the size of Paraguay

Physical Features
Except for tidal marshland along the Atlantic coast, southern Uruguay consists of grassy, rolling plains. In the north and northwest is a low plateau, the Cuchilla de Haedo, crossed by ridges of hills that rise to 377 meters (1,237 feet) above sea level. The Cuchilla Grande range, which extends generally south from Brazil to a point near Punta del Este, dominates eastern Uruguay. It rises to 501 meters (1,644 feet) at Mirador Nacional, the country’s highest elevation in Uruguay.

Major Rivers and Lakes
The Río Negro, which flows southwest, is the principal river of the Uruguayan interior. The south-flowing Río Uruguay forms the entire western boundary before emptying into the wide Río de la Plata estuary.

Weather and Climate
In Uruguay’s temperate climate, the average temperature for the warmest months, January and February, is 22°C (72°F). The coldest month, June, averages 10°C (50°F). Rainfall is well distributed and averages about 890 millimeters (about 35 inches) a year. During the winter months, cold storms known as pamperos blow in from the southwest, but frost is virtually unknown in most parts of the country.

Environmental Issues
Overgrazing and a natural lack of tree cover have led to soil erosion, especially with increasing agricultural production since 1980. Further pressure to increase agricultural output is threatening natural habitats such as the eastern wetlands. Air and water pollution is a serious problem for Uruguay. One-fifth of the country is affected by acid rain generated in Brazil.



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